Naposim 10


Manufacturer : Vermodje
Model: 901
Package: 10mg (100 pills)
Substance: Oral Methandienone (Dianabol)
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Common names in France Danabol, Dianabol, D-bol, dbol, Dianoxyl, Methanodex, Anabol, GP Methan, Methacaps, Methanabol, Methanoplex, Methandienone, Dianabolic, Naposim, Dbirol. Description of the drug Pills of compact and homogeneous structure. Composition of Methanabol 1 tablet contains: Active substance: Methandrostenolone 10mg Benefits of bodybuilding Oral steroid with strong anabolic and androgenic effect, used by bodybuilders to increase muscle size, as well as bone strength and has relatively low fat burning effect. It also improves protein synthesis and nitrogen retention in muscle cells. Also, the compound had a weak fat burning effect. Therapeutic indication Is used in medicine for the treatment of symptoms of cachexia, healing of trauma, burns, kidney failure, toxic goiter, muscular dystrophy and osteoporosis, as well as a pre and postoperative remedy for diseases infectious. It also has the ability to treat protein synthesis disorders. Dosage (Men) 10-30mg per day. Dosage (Women) Not recommended. Active life 5-6 hours. Methanabol Side Effects Strong virilization effects (baldness, flushes of skin and body and facial growth), processes related to water retention, acne vulgaris on the neck, chest, back or shoulders in cases where the function sebaceous glands is stimulated, mood swings, oily skin and liver disturbances. Methanabol Contraindications / Precautionary measures in France Not recommended in case of drug hypersensitivity, severe atherosclerosis, hepatic and renal function, acute and chronic prostatitis, prostate cancer, breast cancer in men, breast cancer in women with hypercalcemia, pregnancy and lactation. (Voice deepening, facial or body hair growth, acne) administration should be stopped. It is recommended to monitor lipidemia and cholesterol levels and conditions. Overdose In France there are no recorded cases of overdose. Methanabol Stack/Cycle The cycle length is around 6-8 weeks and it is taken in combination with Duraxyl 100 and Testosterone Enanthate as well as Stanoxyl and oxandroxyl drugs to increase muscle mass and weight and with anti-steroid drugs like Provimed, Aridex or Tamoximed to avoid water retention. Package overview 10mg pills. Storage Store in a dry place, protected from light, at a temperature of 15-25 ° C. Keep out of the reach of children.


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