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Common names in FranceAnastrozole Tablets, Arimidex, Aridex, Arimixyl, Altraz, Altrol, Anabrez, Anastrocare, Anatero, Armilon, Armotraz, Femistra, Femitraz, PMBC, Qubol, Redest, StazonexDescription of the drug White round pastes with a compact and homogeneous structure.Composition Arimidex 1 tablet contains: Active substance: Anastrozole 1 mgBenefits of bodybuilding Nonsteroidal aromatase inhibitor that works by inhibiting estrogen synthesis. Arimidex lowers serum estradiol concentrations and helps restore testosterone levels. Athletes and bodybuilders use it as part of their steroid cycle to decrease and prevent symptoms of excess estrogen like water retention and gynecomastia.Therapeutic indication Used for the treatment of breast cancer after surgery, as well as for metastases in pre and post-menopausal women. The drug inhibits the conversion of androgens to estrogens in peripheral tissues.Dosage (Men) 0.5-1mg per day.Dosage (Women)0.25-1mg per day.Active life 48 hoursArimidex side effects Chest tightness, swelling of the mouth, face, lips, throat or tongue, unusual hoarseness, burning, numbness, tingling sensation, calf or leg pain, swelling, chest pain, confusion, fainting, Fever, chills, frequent or painful urination, peeling skin, persistent bone pain, nausea, vomiting or stomach pain.Arimidex Contraindications / Precautionary Measures in FranceNot recommended for women in reproductive period, In case of premenopausal women, During pregnancy and lactation, In case of advanced renal insufficiency, moderate or advanced hepatic insufficiency and hypersensitivity to the drug. Requires cautious use in patients with moderate or marked hepatic impairment or severe renal disease. Not recommended for children. Anastrozole may also lower bone mineral density and affect the ability to drive and use machines due to possible drowsiness, asthenia and dizziness effects.OverdoseIn France there are no recorded cases of overdose.Arimidex Stack/Cycle Is used during cycles as well as part of post cycle therpay to restore normal testosterone levels and prevent negative side effects of cycles. Prior to these purposes, it is taken with Danabol 10 and Testosterona C. In order to stop estrogen conversion, it is taken with Finasterida.Package overview 1mg pills.Storage Store in a dry place, protected from light, at a temperature of 15-25 ° C. Keep out of the reach of children.


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